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[3rd of june] Wild Metal Festival, Cancun, Mexico

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festival: Wild Metal Fest
country: Mexico
city: Cancun
showday: 3rd June 2011

Showdate changed from 4th to 3rd!

The Devil:
Just found this   :)

The Devil:

fuck! thanks for linking, the devil! unfortunately on youtube there are only 2 vids but these live streamings are great!

arrgh, i SO want to see a thousand gigs of them! they are all so great and mariangela is one hell of a frontwoman!

pity that the audience doesn't do justice to latin america's fame as far as firery concerts are concerned.

EDIT: please! someone tell me how to download these videos! they are so great! i don't even have any better word! and that intro to beyond the veil!
if they don't release a live cd/dvd as soon as possible i'll go to jail for multiple murders... 8)


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