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June 4th Mexico City! With Blood Red Throne, The Agonist & Keep of Kalessin


Anyone on this forums going to this concert? My friends are lame and don't listen to metal so I'll have a hard time convincing them to go with me hahaha I'll still go alone if I had to though. Anyway so I had never herad anything from the rest of the bands but recently I've been giving them a try and I'm liking all of them! Does anyone know if Tristania is going to be some kind of headliner or are they all going to play the same amount of time? And for people who have been in a Tristania concert recently which songs are they playing live? Are they all from the new album or are they mixing them up with the old stuff as well? Can't wait for it! This would be my first Tristania concert (sadly I never got to see Vibeke and Osten live :( but I'm sure the new line up will do great!)

You can count on hearing Illumination, Beyond the Veil, Tender Trip on Earth, Shadowman, probably The Wretched (*sigh*) and Down.

so... so... so... not interfere. and probably will not go. reasons.

i'll go to that gig, tristania are one of my best favourites bands!!! see you there! btw tristania will' be  the last to play but they'll play all his setlist with his new and old songs too :)

you lazy assholes, never a report, never some pics... :P

here are some vids i found:

Protection - so great! pity that of course the quality is hmmm...

Sirens -  we want more! hehe ;) and personally i want more also of mariangela... ;) ;)

(mary really resembles chibi of the birthday massacre here!)

Year of the Rat - awesome quality!

The Shining Path -

Shadowman -

you find also Tender Trip and Beyond on youtube but unfortunately the quality is quite bad. :'(


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