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The Devil:
22.07.2011 (CN) BEIJING / MAO Live House
23.07.2011 (CN) SHANGHAI / MAO Live House
24.07.2011 (CN) GUANG ZHOU / 191 Space
27.07.2011 (HK) HONG KONG / Hidden Agenda
29.07.2011 (RC) TAIPEI / The Wall

Wohoo cool! It's a pity that the guys and gals only get no more than two days to spend in Hong Kong. It's a fabulous city and I'm sorely missing it.

wow tristania in asia. i hope that sooner they'll visit my country Philippines too. :)


--- Quote ---Tristania has been forced to cancel the upcoming tour in China. The tour was
supposed to take place between July 20th and 30th and run through 5 different
cities. Comments the band: "We are extremely sorry it had to come to this, but as
we prepared for the tour, there was several strong indicators that something was
not right. We did not get the appropriate visas, there was a contract infringement
regarding the flight tickets, and it was clear that the level of communication
between the promoter and the venues was not professional. All in all there was no
other choice but to cancel the dates." On the hopes of new dates in China:" We
were really looking forward to the trip, and we really hope we can go to China and
the far East soon."
--- End quote ---




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