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Author Topic: Frequently Asked Questions  (Read 5385 times)


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Frequently Asked Questions
« on: 01 September 2004, 12:56:48 »

Do you have the Latin lyrics of [insert song-name]?
  • No, we don't. For reasons known to the band they didn't publish this. We do have some guesses by fellow users, but these are unconfirmed by the band. Feel free to post your own interpretations though.

I hardly write English, can I post in another language?
  • No, sorry. Most of us are not native to the English language, but we're trying to do so. So why shouldn't you?
    There are a couple of threads in languages other than english at "Just Conversation", but their use is restricted to those.

When does Tristania comes to [name a place]?
  • We've seen many requests of people who want the band to perform in certain countries/settlements. But the band doesn't plan their tours by them self, this is done by their concert management.

    If you want to see the band at your preferred venue/festival, contact it's programmer/manager and ask him/her to take a look at or book the band. It's quite likely they want to know how the band sounds like, so direct them to the soundclips at or

    Tristania's concerts are being handled by Continental Concerts.

    Continental Concerts & Management GmbH
    Schäferstrasse 33a
    44147 Dortmund
    Telefon: +49 231 8297500
    Telefax: +49 231 8297501
    eMail: info [at]

What/How/Where/Etc. [some other words] Vibeke [some other words]?
  • Vibeke chose to leave both the band and the limelight, so please respect her decision (wether you like it or not) and her privacy¹.
    You can't expect to get answers from the band or the webteam on questions/topics regarding her. Our focus is on the present, with the present band.

Is Tristania pagan/atheïst/christian/satanic/muslim/[other religion]?
  • Considering the band is composed of several members, each one may have their own spiritual views/beliefs or lack thereof. Most members in current and previous lineups tend to have an atheist view.

How do I get in contact with the band?
  • Besides the "Ask the band"-forum and the various social media profiles (see the top right corner of the forum) you can send mail to
    Keep in mind that a lot of mail is sent and that the bandmembers only have limited time (as we all do).

¹ Although it's discussed in other threads, we expect you to respect the privacy of bandmembers (present and past), just like we expect you to respect each other's views and privacy as well. For issues you can turn to staffmembers, preferrably deadlocked, Tinko or me, since the band usually has other priorities (like being busy with music).
There aren't public "appearances" (tours, social media, ask the band forum, etc.) for nothing. ;)
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