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Well, you've probably noticed the forum-frontpage is a lot smaller now! :D

Hierarchy Changes:

* Discussions of previous albums are moved under the new forum "Previous Albums" (duh!)
* Discussions of previous gigs are moved under the new forum "Previous Tours/Consert" (again: duh!)
* "Gothier than thou" removed, threads moved to "Previous Albums-> Cross-album discussions"
* "Pasted from the guestbook" removed (so some data was lost, but it didn't serve any purpose anymore)
If you are unable to post in the subforums in either the "previous albums" or "previous tours", please message me.

Other changes

* Band news is set to "reply only" only bandmembers and board-staff are able to start topics. Any rumours you might get but isn't on the official site or in band news are just rumours.
* "Ask the band" has a permission change: you're allowed to start a topic and to reply on your own topics, but besides you only the band and staff are able to reply to it.
New theme: Rubicon2
Of course, the most obvious change is the new theme. However it is not finished, because of the upgrade I had to start over again. This template is in (enforced) public beta at the moment, so we can all test it. If you encounter any oddities, feel free to post it in this thread. Thanks in advance!

Enabled the calendar in the info center. Bold names and events are birthdays happening today.

I'm looking into making this feature more obvious.

New tag!

--- Code: ---[youtube][/youtube]
--- End code ---

Put a youtube link inbetween those tags and it's embedded straight into your post!
The tags can also be added by clicking in the post-editing tool.


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