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  • 26 March 2017, 09:08:54
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Author Topic: To all the band  (Read 905 times)

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To all the band
« on: 18 May 2011, 21:23:23 »

Hi, I'm Jaime from Chile. I'm really into this band and I've fallen in love with all your albums. From WW to Rubicon they are all great. I have a few questions, I hope you could tell me.

1. About latin lyrics, I heard they're from the Carmina Burana. I wanted to know why you guys don't want to show them. Though maybe they're just something "for the atmosphere" it means a world to me (and a lot of your fans) to know them. Also I wanted to know if they were really from the Carmina Burana.

2. I found that in Angina (I love that song) it says "Ut te postremo donarem munere morti". Is that true?

3. Also I was wondering if you guys have thought of re-recording a few songs with Mary. Down, Lotus, Sanguine Sky and Mercyside would be awesome.

4. What do you think about Chile ? Tell me the truth please haha. Teatro Novedades wasn't a good place for your last concert at Santiago but it was really kind from you to perform at Valparaiso and Concepción too. By the way, have you thought of coming back?

Finnaly I want to cheer Mary, you're a great singer. I've read a lot of crap talking about you and Vibeke. Both of you are great singers, different, but great and both amazing at Tristania. Your music is great and it really is an important part of my life (I'm only 15 but I'm sure that I'll grow listening to you). SALUDOS !