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Author Topic: interview with Ole  (Read 1050 times)


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    • interview with Ole
« on: 30 September 2010, 04:04:54 »

Metalfan: I was wondering about the title of the album and the message it carries, together with the cover: a picture of Mariangela and the words Tristania, Rubicon. Like saying that her joining the band and the consequent record is a point of no return (a Rubicon) and daring the listener to pass it. Am I speculating too far?
Ole: The title “Rubicon” is not a “meta”-title, that represents the band from an outside perspective. It sums up a lyrical concept that emerged from the songs as the writing commenced. “Rubicon” is not a concept album, but many of the lyrics deal with the same issues, and we felt the title preserved much of both the symbolics and atmosphere in the lyrics. This is also Mariangela from Italy´s first album with Tristania, and we felt that referring to an actual place in Italy also was a nice feature to really introduce her. But I´m not gonna dictate people on what to read into the title, or the lyrics or the music at all. It´s all up to the listener.