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The Rubicon release party in Stavanger on September 25th will host a range of special happenings for Tristania’s loyal fans. Østen Bergøy will appear on his maybe last show with the band, and violin virtuos Pete Johansen is joining the band on stage for the first time.
 In addition, Tristania’s members have decided to give fans coming to the release party from abroad some very special treats. The band states:
“All fans coming from abroad to see our show will be put on the guest list, giving free entrance to the gig. They are also invited to a very special meet and greet session at our rehearsal room in Stavanger on the evening before the release party, Friday 24th.”

If you want to attend the show, write an e-mail marked “Rubicon release party” to webteam [at] tristania [dot] com, containing your full name(s), address and country, and whether you will attend the meet and greet on the Friday rehearsal.
All in all, things are looking really good. There’s a lot of interest in the release party both locally and from abroad, and the band is really looking forward to this special evening!

Rubicon Release Party
Saturday, September 25th
@ Folken
Løkkeveien 24,  4008 stavanger
Tickets for sale at

burning wings:
I WISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can live in Norway but that as I said is wish I want to come but I cant I hope all fans enjoy it and filmed and go crazy and scream !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  8)

Anyone up for a Stavanger trip?

The Devil:
I would have loved to be there but my bank account doesn't allow me to go to Norway  :(

I'd love to come, but there are no flights any more from Graz to Stavanger, all other options are quite expensive and since my wife is pregnant the time is not the best either... :(


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