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ุsten sent us the following message:

--- Quote ---I am happy to inform you that:
The 6th of August at 2 AM , my girlfriend Silje gave birth to our twins. A boy and a girl.
We are all well and right now we are recovering and trying to adjust to the new situation.
My children are remarkably good looking ( they got their looks from their mom, of course).
They also handle extreme vocals very well. I would not be surprised if they were to be singing in Tristania one day.
With other instruments it is a bit early to say. Though I am optimistic.
Greetings from ุsten the family man.
--- End quote ---

Aaaa, ุsten! My congratulations!!!

Congrats ุsten, glad mother and twins are well :)

Such lovely news  ;D

Wishing both ุsten and Silje all the best.
Looking forward to seeing a photo real soon  :D

I doubt that's a good idea. ุsten may have a "public" live while he's performing with Tristania, but family-photo's are not part of that.


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