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Author Topic: Favorite Albums of 2011?  (Read 2924 times)


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Favorite Albums of 2011?
« on: 31 December 2011, 18:40:52 »

Sorry for the delay, I barely had time to post it on the doomster forum and my Facebook. Here's my list in spanish (translated the first part)

First, great albums of 2010 that I listened to during 2011:

The top 5:
1) Mueran Humanos - "Mueran Humanos" (an Argentinian duet who met at Barcelona and now lives in Berlin, doing a very weird post-punk/industrial/electronica/experimental; I had the great pleasure of seeing them live 2 weeks ago! :-D )
2) The Secret - "Solve Et Coagula" (totally vicious black/grind from Italia!)
3) Igorrr - "Nostril" (breakcore fusion extremadamente bizarre!)
4) Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire - "Songs Of Ill Hope And Desperation" (ultra sick and dissonant funeralgrind)
5) White Ring - "Black Earth That Made Me" (the witch house I listened to before I knew it was called witch house)

The rest:
The Algorithm - "CRITICAL.ERROR" (mathcore + dubstep, such a weird combination)
Ascension - "Consolamentum" (cool black metal, it sounds familiar but at the same time it doesn't really sound like any other band)
The Austrasian Goat - "Stains Of Resignation" (beautiful experimental black/funeral doom with clean production; I love that last acoustic song)
Black Funeral - "Vukolak" (I still don't know why I like this albums so much being so raw, but at the same time it's personal and very vampiric)
Blood Of The Black Owl - "A Banishing Ritual" (quite a descriptive title, ritualistic black/funeral doom; and I'm still waiting for their new album...)
Chronocide - "The Solitude Of Man" (hellgrind from the UK, following Anaal Nathrakh's steps)
Coffinworm - "When All Became None" (very rotten blackened sludge, the best of the last years)
Compound Terror - "Beneath A Steel Sky" (grindcore with noise)
De Silence et D'Ombre - "3: The Fall" (funeral doom with black touches)
Deftones - "Diamond Eyes" (it took me too long to realize why so much people put this album among their favorite albums of 2010)
Drugzilla - "Siamese Beashts" (very extreme breakcore/noise with Anaal Nathrakh samples)
Enabler - "Eden Sank To Grief" EP y "War Begins With You" EP (very fast and ultraviolent hardcore)
Excrementory Grindfuckers - "Headliner Der Herzen" (funniest cybergrind!)
Impureza - "La Iglesia Del Odio" (flamenco death metal)
Jute Gyte - "Young Eagle" (solo avant-black project, some of the most personal I've listened to lately)
Kazeria & Igniis - "Summoning The Elder Ones", tribute to H.P Lovecraft (Kazeria makes noise, and Igniis, from my city, guitarist of Zaqueo, makes neofolk, and both pay a very adecuate tribute to the genius of horror)
Kvelertak - "Kvelertak" (black punk with all the energy of the world)
Netra - "Mélancolie Urbaine" (another very fitting title, beautiful post-black metal)
The Nulll Collective - "De Monstris" (extraordinary funeral doom)
Orphaned Land - "The Never Ending Way or ORwarriOR" (folk metal, but Middle-Eastern folk, very ethnic)
Ostende - "El Trayecto Del Mapache" (screamo from Buenos Aires)
Schammasch - "Sic Lvceat Lvx" (demolisher death/black/doom)
Salem - "King Night" (with this album I realized there was a new music genre called witch house, mix of darkwave, shoegaze, hip-hop and industrial)
Sleigh Bells - "Treats" (all the experimentation of noise with all the the extreme catchiness of pop)
Stargazer - "A Great Work Of Ages" (experimental death metal with people from Portal)
Sun Of Nothing - "The Guilt Of Feeling Alive" (disturbing sludge/black/drone/noise/experimental)
Tristwood - "Dystopia Et Disturbia" (very agressive industrial death/black metal)
Wolvhammer - "Black Marketeers Of World War III" (more of the blackened sludge style that's been working so well lately)

Now the special mention:
Shining - "Live Blackjazz"
SHINING: In The Kingdom of Kitsch You Will Be a Monster (LIVE)
Not happy with having released my absolute favorite album of 2010, they also released the best DVD of 2011, maybe the best DVD in several years! They keep on kicking everything's asses all the time! Absolute genius!
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Re: Favorite Albums of 2011?
« Reply #1 on: 31 December 2011, 18:42:24 »

(sorry, I had to split it because I exceeded the 20000 characters limit :-\)

Third, the albums I liked a lot:

Aenaon - "Cendres Et Sang"
Gem and instant classic of progressive black metal from Greece. Lots of variation, including pianos, lazz parts with sax, psychedelic keyboards, electronic touches, growls, powerful clean voices, riffs that get stuck on your head for hours and a cover of "In Heaven". I think the highlight must be "Black Nerve", but every song has a lot to discover.

Altar Of Plagues - "Mammal"
Black metal with post-metal like never before!

Ära Krâ - "Ferne Tage" (descarga gratuita)
New German "black metalcore" band with lots of personality. That accordion on "Neuschnee" (L)

The Atlas Moth - "An Ache For The Distance"
Errrr... post-metal-core or something like that. Lots of emotions and certain epic atmosphere that makes it irresistible.

Avernal - "Réquiem Para Los Rebeldes"
"Huacalera" amazing song I listen on repeat. Free album on the band's page on Don't Pay Music:

The Book Of Knots - "Garden Of Fainting Stars"
Unclassifiable avant-garde. Sometimes it gets close to post-metal and then it goes anywhere.

Boris - "New album"
They make pop. Pop to have fun.

Carnal Disfigurement - "Inhuman Devoured Content From Cranial Cavity"
Extremely dirty mid-tempo brutal death metal. You listen to it and you imagine you are swimming on sewer fluids surrounded by rotting corpses, AND YOU LIKE IT.

Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire - "Visceral" demo
and the split with Nesseria:
They denomite their sound as "funeralgrind" and list bands like Khanate and Disembowelment as their influences. With that, you can begin to imagine how rotten, heavy and dissonant this band's music is

Corrupted - "Garten Der Unbewusstheit"
Sludge with funeral doom with acoustic. Beautiful new album from these Japanese guys.

Craft - "Void"
Well done black metal misanthropy.

Dephosphorus - "Axiom"
Vicious Death/Grind/Black.

Devin Townsend Project - "Deconstruction"
Weirdness knows no limits on this progressive avant-garde metal album. Lots of collaborations by known artists like Ihsahn, Fredrik Thordendal, Mikael Åkerfeldt, Floor Jansen and more. Devin GENIUS. The concept of the album is hilarious X-D

Dining In Tuscany - "1556"
More black/grind, mixed with ambient parts. Nice number.

Fuck The Facts
The riffs and Mel's screams trap you in a vortex of violence from which it's hard to escape.

Gallhammer - "The End"
These Japanese girls released another great and twisted black/doom/crust album.

Gigan - "Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes"
Very trippy technical avant-garde space grindcore.

Gridlink - "Orphan"
How the hell did they manage to pack SO MUCH violence in an album just 12 minutes long is beyond my comprehension.

Jenny Hval - "Viscera"
The mere fact that she was Shellyz Raven's singer makes me like her music immediately. Experimental and very intimate music from Norway, leaning to neofolk.

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - "From The Stairwell"
and the live album "Live - I Forsee The Dark Ahead, If I Stay" (descarga gratuita)
I think I liked the live album even more than the studio one. Let there be oniric jazz for a long time! And let's not forget about...

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - "Anthropomorphic"
The new album of the drone project of the same people. I loved it, too.

Krallice - "Diotima"
The mix of mathrock and black metal goes on! I liked it even more than their first album!

La Última Canción Del Mundo - La Última Canción Del Mundo (2011)
Big local pride! The most passionate band in Rosario and surroundings!

Mitochondrion - "Parasignosis"
Twisted, insane, chaotic, experimental and EVIL death metal.

Midnight Odyssey - "Funerals From The Astral Sphere"
Experimental and trippy space black metal.

Neoandertals - "Ebu Gogo Gutting The Child"
Grindcore? Death metal? Done only ith bass and drums, a weird album that refuses being classified.

Nightbringer - "Hierophany of the Open Grave"
Full-speed black metal with lots of psychosis.

Norska - "Norska"
Great riffs await you here!

Nyogtha - "Hymns To The Astral Planes" (free download)
Space drone ambient.

Origin - "Entity"
"Expulsion Of Fury" ringtone of the year. I've woke up with that song eveeryday since the album came out.

Peste Noire - "L'Ordure à l'état Pur"
Another of the French bands that carry the flag of experimentation in black metal produces a new very varied and weird album that includes burps and cackles.

Reido - "-11"
After a long wait, this album divided opinions and I was left on the "I loved it" side.

Rwake - "Rest"
Great new album by this classic band of experimental sludge/stoner.

Septic Mind - "???????? ???"
I think this could have been Esoteric's new album if they didin't soften. Tremendous funeral doom.

SubRosa - "No Help For The Mighty Ones"
All-female sludge/stoner band. This album takes you to the desertic areas of the U.S.A. It's the two violins and the voice who lead the music.

The Sullen Route - "Apocalyclinic"
Another case of bad name for a very good album. They used to play traditional death/doom, but this album is simply doom with lots of personality.

Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving - "Deaden The Fields"
Post-metal with future jazz. Very beautiful.

Terra Tenebrosa - "The Tunnels"
More experimental black metal, mixed with ambient.

Total Fucking Destruction - "Hater"
Funniest grindcore album of the year!

Trance To The Sun - "The Blue Obscurities"
It had been quite some time since I got so hooked on a gothic music album (post-punk/darkwave), but there a very personal sound here.

Ulcerate - "The Destroyers Of All"
These New Zealanders continue to show why they are one of the lead bands in modern death metal. Even if I like their previous album more because it's more groovy, this one is more experimental and atmospheric.

Unexpect - "Fables Of The Sleepless Empire"
The other ultra-bizarre avant-garde metal of 2011. A lot more coherent than the previous one, which ended up being intolerable.

Universe217 - "Familiar Places"
Experimental doom with a great female voice.

Vanessa Van Basten - "Closer To The Small/Dark/Door"
Excellent instrumental Italian band that plays some kind of very varied post-rock/doom/avant-garde, adding acoustic guitars, piano, sax, keys, sound effects and electronic noises. Extremely beautiful, calm, MAGIC. A gem I recommend to everybody.

Vektor - "Outer Isolation"
I didn't know there was a thrash metal as original as this one!

Virus - "The Agent That Shapes The Desert"
True Norwegian avant-garde metal! STRANGE.

Will Haven - "Voir Dire"
Ufff, this is HEAVY! Hardcore/sludge/post-metal/Meshuggah, all in one.

*Shels - "Plains Of The Purple Buffalo"
Beautiful post-rock.

6v6 - "Les Byes Mystiques"
This year I discovered witch house with White Ring y Salem, and then I listened to this French group.
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Re: Favorite Albums of 2011?
« Reply #2 on: 31 December 2011, 18:43:41 »

(sorry, I had to split it on three parts because I exceeded the 20000 characters limit... twice!)

And last, the best part, my top 15 (this year I couldn't cut it down to 10 albums :-\)

15) Anaal Nathrakh - "Passion"
Después del increíble "In The Constellation Of The Black Widow", desde el Reino Unido vuelve una de las bandas más extremas del mundo, de las primeras en mezclar el black metal con el grindcore, con otro discazo hiperviolento y enfermísimo como pocos. "Tod Huetet Uebel", uno de los temas más extremos que he escuchado.

14) Liturgy - "Aesthethica"
La tapa será una reverenda cagada (no le podés poner "Aesthethica" al disco con una tapa así!!! X_X), Hunter Hunt-Hendrix será un pelotudo pretencioso con eso del "transcendental black metal", pero la música es super experimental, muy técnica y recontra original. Muy vuelamentes.

13) Gazelle Twin - "The Entire City"
Esta dama me ha hecho viajar y bailar con sus electrónica experimental y sus tres videoclips, "Changelings", "I Am Shell I Am Bone" y, sobre todo, "Men Like Gods", temazo favorito.

12) Cultura Tres - "El Mal Del Bien"
Sludge metal psicodélico desde Venezuela. El disco de sludge más original del año.

11) Tyrant Of Death - "Macrocosmic Lunacy"
Más allá del djent, mezcla con black metal/industrial totalmente sacada. El tipo saca 6 discos por año, y este es el primero que escuché y el que más me pegó. Encima, tiene toda su discografía gratis en su página de Facebook:

10) Yob - "Atma"
El disco demoledor del año.

09) Oranssi Pazuzu - "Kosmonument"
La mejor banda de black metal psicodélico saca otro discazo que a la fórmula de black metal+rock psicodélico setentoso de su primer disco le agrega una buena dosis de ambient/noise espacial que lo hace aún más drogado. Todo un viaje ácido!

08) Atari Teenage Riot - "Is This Hyperreal?"
Divertidísimo y serio a la vez el discazo nuevo de estos pioneros del hardcore digital. Podés bailar, saltar, cantar, gritar, hacer pogo, romper todo o armar una revolución, lo que quieras.

07) Mournful Congregation - "The Book Of Kings"
Los australianos se superaron y sorprendieron con el mejor álbum de su carrera y el mejor disco de funeral doom en varios años. Escucha obligada!

06) Necro Deathmort - "Music Of Bleak Origin"
Si evitan caer en eso de ignorar a la banda y al álbum por tener nombres de mierda, se van a encontrar con el disco de doom más original del año. Industrial doom (muchas veces dejando el doom y quedando en un ambient electrónico) muy pero muy volado.

05) Anomalous - "OHMnivalent"
Los niveles de experimentación y de técnica de este disco están, no por la estratósfera, sino más bien por otro sistema solar. EL disco de death metal técnico del año. He dicho.

04) Vildhjarta - "Måsstaden"
THE djent album of the year. Very dark, twisted and full of hate, with breakdowns that make metalcore kids shit themselves. Long and healthy life to the Vildhjarta kid (search "vildhjarta kid" on YouTube for a severe case of infant epicness).

03) Kartikeya - "Mahayuga"
and "Durga Puja" EP
From Rusia, quizás la banda que más escuché durante el año (peleado con Blut Aus Nord), la mezcla suprema de death metal con folk de Medio Oriente. En el EP se nota un desvío más pronunciado hacia el djent que creo que me gusta aún más. La frutilla del postre: arrancando a los 7:30 del último tema del disco, "Mahayuga pt. 4 - Kali Yuga", un cover de "Eyes Like Yours" de Shakira (la versión en inglés de "Ojos Así") que no se puede creer que les haya quedado TAN pero TAN bueno!

02) Random - "Todo.s los colores del"
EL disco argentino del año, y uno de los mejores en varios años. Avant-garde metal progresivo tirando a -core desde Tucumán. Estos muchachos me volaron la cabeza MAL. Todavía me cuesta creer que sean argentinos! Para colmo, el disco es gratuito desde la página de la banda:

01) Blut Aus Nord - "777 - Sect(s)"
y "777 - The Desanctification"
El primer y segundo disco de la que ya creo que va a ser la mejor trilogía de toda la historia del black metal. Cuando salió el "Sect(s)" lo escuché 9 veces en un solo día y se convirtió en mi disco del año... hasta que salió el segundo y lo destronó. Esto es, como los nombres de los temas lo indican, el epítome del todo lo que el black metal debería ser: MALVADO. Todavía no terminó el 2011 y ya tengo un fuerte candidato a disco del año 2012, si el tercero de la trilogía es tan increíble como estos dos. VI y XIII, VUELO.
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Re: Favorite Albums of 2011?
« Reply #3 on: 01 January 2012, 20:52:57 »

Favourite Albums of 2011

Top 5

1. Taake - Noregs vaapen
Black metal is still going hot, with dozens of sub-genres covering areas and delivering supplies where there really is no demand. Luckily this album, the album of the year in my opinion, is 100% balls-to-the-walls, tough, fast, slow, norwegian, cheesy, serious BLACK METAL. Tremolo-picked melodies, thrashy riffs with a slight folk-influence and a list of guest stars for good measure.

2. Woods of Desolation - Torn Beyond Reason
Woods of Desolation build on the established sound of my favourite band in the huge DSBM-corner of the black metal market. They distinguish themselves by heavy use of epic melodies, glorious conclusions (with keyboard) and the occacional clean vocals.

3. Blut aus Nord - 777 - Sect(s)
This is probably the most hyped black metal album of the year, and it lives up to it. I can't really describe it with words, since the musical expressions at times can be... otherwordly. I remember thinking of angels blowing the trumpet from Revelations when I heard the guitar playing on Epitime I. Maybe it takes itself too seriously at times, but to its credit, it really is trying to explore uncharted areas of music.

4. Blut aus Nord - 777 - The Desanctification
Part II of the ongoing series. It was not as stunning as the original, at times it repeated itself beyond what it was worth, but it was still an amazing album. Epitome VII is a personal favourite.

5. Burzum - Fallen
Fallen is everything Belus (from 2010) tried to be. The production is much clearer, and the inclusion of clean, sung choruses may draw in plenty of outsiders. Luckily, the guitars are the  razor-sharp sounds we remember form Filosofem, and Varg proved that he is still a master of doing very much with very little. Subtexts, underlying melodies and arrangements are keywords here. A small minus for repeating itself a tad too much.

Worthy Mentions

Liturhy - Aesthethica (VERY good! Ignore the infamous interviews)
Anamalous - OHMnivalent
Burzum - From the Depths of Darkness
Rotten Sound - Cursed
Gorgoroth - Under the Sign of Hell 2011
Mayan - Quarterpast

Biggest WTF

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Re: Favorite Albums of 2011?
« Reply #4 on: 06 January 2012, 23:47:17 »

Septic Mind - "???????? ???"
Pienso que bien podría haber sido el disco nuevo de Esoteric si no se hubieran ablandado. Tremendo funeral doom.
The album name is translated as "The True Call" (it's in Russian so I take this is a band from CIS. Never heard of it but you're obviously into much different music than I am).

Overall, this is a boatload of albums! I can't remember if I heard, like, three albums that came out in 2011. I'm not following music that closely, nor am I on the lookout for new bands - I kinda prefer to stick with what I have and maybe buy new records by the bands I know. Heck, I can't even remember if I heard TWO new albums last year! But I definitely know one:

DDT - Otherwise
A long awaited album by the premier russian hard rock band, DDT. It's actually a double album: the first CD contains the semi-concept recording that is being played in its entirety on the current tour, and the second - dubbed P.S. - contains the recordings of various outtakes and oddball songs from the last decade (though one song is from 1985) that didn't fit with the loose concept. Most songs of the first CD have been played live for a while - some since 2008 - and were endlessly redone, rewritten and rearranged. The end result does seem overcooked to me: some songs lost the great vibe they had live. Losing THREE band members in the process (they obviously left out of disagreement over the direction the band was taking) didn't help matters either. The resulting album is a VERY eclectic mixture of styles: there's a few good metal songs, a couple ballads, a couple of what can be described as the "muthafooka" alternative tracks, one very industrial sounding tune, and one that smacks of something like PANTERA to me. And then, one track (the second proper song on the albums, ironically) is blatant RAP - but nevertheless sounds good to me! Here are some live recordings:
Sunlight (rap; check out the "YO!" bit between 01:19 - 01:28 - always makes me laugh out loud)
Song of Freedom
The Crisis (brutal stuff especially with the rather disturbing video seen here; on the album the singer is almost growling - highly unusual for him - and the lyrics are bordering on an uncontrolled stream of rage)
Write a letter (minus a few secs in the beginning)
Identify Yourself (hello Trent!)
They have come for you
And here's my favourite song of this era that unfortunately did not end up on the first CD and made it, rather mutilated, on the second as a mere outtake. Here's what it sounded like in 2008 - and should have sounded in all honesty. When I heard it live in early 2010 with my wife, we were surprised by how the band, known for soulful and emotional tunes that everybody would sing along to, sounded. Heavy as hell with great energy, and very angry. The politicians must've really got them.
The Alien (aka The Beast, now titled Lord of the Flies) (check out the rabid fan at 2:25)

So why am I listing it here? Because for all its shortcomings, I love this album.
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