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Author Topic: vídeos  (Read 6410 times)


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Re: vídeos
« Reply #20 on: 28 January 2007, 21:32:43 »

Don't think so.. Tristania is not at Nuclear Blast.. ;)
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Re: vídeos
« Reply #21 on: 28 January 2007, 21:46:41 »

I think Henriette was great.
Lol, it seems like a Sirenia's thread :P

I agree :)

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Re: vídeos
« Reply #22 on: 16 September 2007, 23:01:54 »

yeah, seems Morten wants to compete with Evanescence and Nightwish.. ;)

Yes, and a lot of WITHIN TEMPTATION stuff on "Nine Destenies" :)) But however it's very well done, and the voice of Monika is more pleasant than Sharon... :))
And almost no Morten / Male vocals on the whole album :)))

Especially the second single "The Other Side" has the potetial to become a very great hit... And comercially Sirenia will get more success than Tristania...
Yes,I agree;Sirenia is my second favourite band and I really hate this commercial and poser music,My Mind's Eye & The Other Side are the worst songs ever and yes,now is more popular,because Sirenia was forever an underground band,no a commercial band for Evanescence or Nightwish fans;Sirenia is for Sirenia's fans!!
Thank you for Mercyside... ::)

I don't really like Monika's voice.
I've seen the live version of Meridian on YouTube, and het voice seems somewhat weak.
Just like in "My Mind's Eye"
She just doesn't sound powerful enough
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