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How many times have you seen Tristania?

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Do yo travel to see Tristania live on stage? Or do you live in the country that Tristania visit the most?

I have seen Tristania twice:

* 23/10/2004 Wrocław, Poland
* 12/07/2008 @Masters Of Rock Vizovice, Czech Rpb.
I'm hoping for more, maybe this year! I'm ready to travel abroad to see them- to Germany, Czech Rpb. and another nearest countries ;)

Six times until now, once with Mary:

(all locations in Germany)
25/02/2005 Bayreuth (with Nightwish)
28/02/2005 Stuttgart "" (my birthday!  :D)
Wacken 2005
Summer Breeze Festival 2005
Mera Luna, Hildesheim 2006
Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig 2008


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Boah! I envy you! :)

--- Quote from: escalate on 28 February 2009, 14:58:13 ---28/02/2005 Stuttgart "" (my birthday!  :D)

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Hehe, they played once also when I had my birthday, almost xD @Masters Of Rock, 12.07. and my birthday is 10.07 ;) it was a very special surprise, my best one! :]

Ehm... I don't know the dates but:

Gig in Helmond, NL
Gig at W‚ldrock Festival, NL
Gig at Astoria London, UK
Last two songs in Tilburg, NL (straight out of London, only a bit too late)
"Illumination" press gig Stavanger


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Was it great?


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