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Tristania in the US?

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Hey I'm Beccy, and I live in New York, USA. I wish Tristania would come to the US! I know people love you already, and if you started promoting around here, you would be HUGE! Tristania is one of my favorite bands ever, but I have no way of coming to Norway to see you people! Please consider coming here and doing a US tour! Luv ya! *~*Beccy Willow*~*

Me to.. I would love to see you guys.. But being from Wisconsin it's a less then 1% chance :)[/size]

Living in Illinois= 0.1% chance

I once read in another forum that the reason that Tristania didn't tour the USa was........."Norwegian Mafia"......but that was when Morten was still in the I don't know if they still have problems with the mafia...or maybe they don't have problems???

they wanna come to the US, if I remember correctly one reason to choose SPV as label was that they said they'll give Tristania the chance to tour throught the US.


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