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  • 30 March 2017, 06:38:32
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General Music / Re: Why Black Metal sucks!
« on: 17 May 2016, 01:00:41 »
Because the artists support rape , genocide, Satanism. This is what they promote. Influenced or not the kids, most of them seem as influenced as Hitler supporters. I'm not a freaking outsider, I've met a couple of those and know what I talk about. They're fanatics. Only a fanatic can bear what black metal stands for anyways. Oh it's a joke, it's shock value? I don't agree. It's bad energy that just gathers up bad people. At least you know who you're ealing with and you won't be fooled , right? Music can go to hell (they love HELL don't they?) if it stands for this. It's not funny. It's trash.

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