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Cross-album discussions / Fav quotes
« on: 04 July 2007, 23:11:24 »
I guess there's no such topic... so, what are your favourite lines written by Tristania? Here are some mine...
May thou carry me to the sea
Like autumn leaves... heaven wither
Savage is the winter prevailing within
- December Elegy
Wander lost on life's narrow path
- My Lost Lenore
Not fear, nor tears can reach me now
the light seems so clear as the night fades away
- Beyond The Veil
[Nothing from thy world will remain thine
except the very priviliege to die
- Heretique
I watch the sun go out
I've lived to see the end
- Wormwood
Tears falling from the sky
Words from a lullaby
Everything beautiful dies
For now, we're hanging in
Though we are blessed with sin
You make my tired heart sing
-Tender Trip On Earth
I'm a falling stone in a world of glass
I'm a ticking bomb with a smiling mask
- World Of Glass
Do they know
They have slept for so long
Do they know
The taste of their tongue
Do they know
They are trapped
-  The Modern End
Also I love the whole lyrics of The Shining Path, Lost, Deadlocked, Selling Out and Crushed Dreams, can't choose some lines. I'll post fav.q. from Ashes&Illumination later.

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