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Ask the band / A few questions to the band
« on: 30 August 2010, 19:26:58 »
Hello to everyone there!

I´m a bit late, I think, and I hope no one asked my questions actually ^^ I´m too lazy to read all the topics.

@ Mary: How does it feel to sing the old Tristania songs? Is it difficult to perform them or do you do them your own way, so that it isn´t a problem to fill in Vibeke´s place? Have you got singers which inspire you in your way of singing?
@ Kjetil: Is it a big challenge to perform the songs Osten did once, and have you brought some fans of yours to Tristanias music? Why and when did you notice that you´re "born" for metal? Which bands inspire you?

@ Anders: You did the growls, right? Was it difficult to do them?

To any band member:
If you had one wish for free, which musicians would you invite for the next Tristania album? Which wishes do you have for the next time and the further way of the band?

Thanks for answers,

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