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Author Topic: My Review Of Rubicon  (Read 813 times)


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My Review Of Rubicon
« on: 03 April 2011, 07:13:56 »

I find Rubicon very good. The songs compliment Mary's voice and the album is so different from Tristania...yet you can still tell that it's a Tristania album. Though the lyrics are a bit cheesy and annoying at some parts, they can be overlooked at some points. It will never have anything on my dearest Beyond The Veil, Widow's Weeds, and World of Glass, but Mary is a worthy successor to the beautiful Vibeke Stene ( We will miss you   ) and with listening to how well this album turned out, I can probably say that she will take Tristania into a new and invigorating era.

Year of the Rat - very captivating and darkly catching song. Beautiful and addicting as well. 5/5

The Passing - great and mysterious melody. Vocal performance is beautiful and small harsh vocal part adds to it 4.5/5

Patriot Games - different, yet well done. shows Mary's edgy voice in a sucessful way. Lyrics are a bit ridiculous at times though 3/5

The Passing - beautiful and touching. Violin part given by Pete Johanssen adds to the slow affect of the song 4/5

Exile - one of the best on the album. very mesmerizing and cativating. Mary's vocals blew me away and the lyrics took me into another world. 5/5 ++++

Sirens - a very decent song. Good beat and melody, as well as vocal performance, but the lyrics were a bit ridiculous to me 3/5

The Emerald Piper - Don't know what to make of this song. It seems a bit bland to me. Nothing stood out in any aspect 1.5/5

Vultures - Very Good song and harsh melody that brings you in in a strange way. Absence of Mary on this track 3.5/5

Amnesia - Best track on the album for me. So beautiful and heartwrenching. The lyrics make me cry and the sound sends chills down my spine. The violins astounded me as well. 5/5 +++++++++

Magical Fix - Very catchy and epic sounding song. Takes a while to ease into though. But it will grow on you. A very fine track 4/5

Illumination - Epic long beautiful track that tears at your heart strings and your senses. Great way to end the album 4.5/5

Caprice - The Worst song on the album. Good thing it's only a bonus track. It was bland, dull and did not do the band any favors. 1/5

Vocal Performance: 4.5/5
Instrumental Performance: 5/5
Lyrical Performance: 3.5/5
Overall Feel: 4/5
Total Score: 17/20 (B)
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Re: My Review Of Rubicon
« Reply #1 on: 05 April 2011, 16:31:40 »

Wow, 1 day without being able to visit the forums and I find a hell of a lot of new posts. And then it took me 2 days to finally finish reading them all :P
But now that I've done so, let me say: very well done, young lady! You write with so much passion about Tristania on your reviews and posts that it makes one want to listen to the whole discography again nonstop ;D
Be very welcome to the forums and have a great time around!
BTW, I'm Fernando, from Argentina. Would you consider making a post in the "Introductions/About yourself" so we all can welcome you properly? ;)
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