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  • 29 March 2017, 15:06:42
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Author Topic: The new album 2010  (Read 7643 times)


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Re: The new album 2010
« Reply #40 on: 12 August 2010, 20:57:36 »

I've been following Tristania since 1999. My boyfriend just had me listen to the new samples and watch the video for Year Of The Rat. After WoG I've kind of given up on Tristania, I found the music dull and pretencious. Sorry..but I have to be honest! Still I've always bought the albums, but was always left disappointed. I've never bothered to register on this forum myself, but now I decided I HAD TO, in order to give my gratulations to the members of Tristania for making such an eminent album! Although I havent heard the whole album yet, I've heard enough to tell that this work is definitely the best you've done in many years, perhaps even ever? Because what Im hearing is mature heavy music with alot of emotional depth that is availabe to the listeners with open arms. FINALLY! Before, you tried so hard to reach a nerve. The music seemes kind of desperate. Almost like you wanted more than you were capable of. But you never managed to hit that nerve. Now it seems you have opened up, being more adventurous, more powerful because you actually HAVE the capability now. You really do!

Im so excited after listening to these samples, also all the samples on Amazon. The music is so beautiful it hurts! Just what I needed now..some really inspiring music!

And a big compliment to Kjetil. I have to say that I prefer Kjetils voice more than the previous clean male vocals. Kjetils voice harmonies more with the music. He actually is singsing the lyrics, whilst the previous singer was more like speaking the lyrics.. And Mariangela.. what can I say? I adore you! You certainly have the X-factor, and vocally, you have one of the strongest, most passionate and warm voices Ive ever heard!

Best wishes to the girls and guys in Tristania!

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