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  • 26 March 2017, 18:56:56
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Author Topic: The artwork on the demo  (Read 3606 times)


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The artwork on the demo
« on: 19 July 2008, 22:13:32 »

Just wanted to inform you all since I happened to find it out....

The front cover on the self titled demo cd with it's beautiful landscape is actually entitled "Rivendell" by Ted Nasmith, a proliferant painter of Tolkein art.

I happened to had allready know about the work as a teen when first getting into European gothic extreme metal.  It was in a collection called 'Paintings of Middle-Earth' and was one of my favorite.  That book helped inspire such deep flights of fancy in my mind, especially after discovering gothic and fantasy metal.  Back in this formative period, Tristania's Widows Weeds came into my hands and quickly became a favorite of mine. 

Nowadays, all of these hours spent listening to music, reading books, and such has led me into art school pursuing a love of fantasy and nature art.  All thanks to the music I listened to as a teen.

So I was absolutely thrilled to find out Tristania had used one of my fav fantasy images from that time as a cover for their demo.  Well, now I must get a copy. 

Anyways, just giving a little back story and maybe illuminating a bit of this little part of the band's history. :)


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Re: The artwork on the demo
« Reply #1 on: 09 February 2009, 12:51:03 »

Yes, it's very beautiful and fits perfectly to the earliest Tristania's music.