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Author Topic: My Review of Widow's Weeds  (Read 458 times)


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My Review of Widow's Weeds
« on: 03 April 2011, 06:11:49 »

Tristania's debut album cannot be described in words. It's absolutely breathtaking and unique. It definitely is a very gothic album with a lot of atmospheric and romantic elements. The album seems to be based on the theme of sadness, sorrow, and broken romanticism. It has a very haunting and heartwrenching sound that will definitely appeal to any fan of gothic metal...or a person who's obsessed with emotion in general (like me, lol). It also seems to have a recurring theme of Edgar Allen Poe in the language and sound, particularly in the beautiful "My Lost Lenore." The album has an air of nostalgia and doom in each song. Listening to this album is definitely an experience and something that no one should miss.

Preludium... - A great atmospheric opener that sets the scene for the album. Vibeke's voice with the choirs is grand and amazing and mesmerizing. 5/5

Evenfall - This song is very dark, beautiful, gothic...and holds hint of mourning romanticism and love. It's a very poetic and doomful piece of work that definitely seems to hold a story behind it. A definite highlight of the album. 5/5 ++++

The Pale Enchantress - A haunting song with amazing lyrics and a gothic theme. Vibeke's vocals chill to the bone, especially near the end of the song, when her vocals become distorted with the haunting echoing pianos. 5/5 ++

December Elegy - A major highlight of the album, as well as the band. This song is probably one of the saddest songs I have ever heard. Just the downbeat sorrowful tone and woeful tears at my heartstrings. Vibeke's vocals are amazing...and I absolutely love her spoken part with the river in the background. It takes you to a scene of a fallen angel kneeling in front of a gravestone in the forest and a stream, with medieval castles in the background...during the winter (lol). Another thing to note is the amazing violin solo. 5/5 ++++++

Midwintertears - A great song with a lot of beauty and emotion...but it tends to drag out a bit. Not enough to make a failure of the song though. There are to many excellent qualities about it...such as the instrumentation and Vibeke's small hypnotizing vocal part. 4.5/5

Angellore - THE BEST SONG EVER MADE!!!!!!!!! This song is just a masterpiece in my eyes. It touches the heart and makes me cry as it speaks to me. The lyrics are so beautiful and heartwrenching, the atmosphere is so full of sadness, nostalgia, as well as a sense of purity and innocence...and the vocals are all so beautiful and refreshing. I cry every time I listen to it. (yes, i'm an overemotional wreck) 5/5 +++++++++++++++++++++++++

My Lost Lenore - This is definitely an epic song. The sound is amazing and chilling. It also is credited for being another one of Vibeke's best performances ever, especially in the verses…with her spoken words overlayering her great show of vocal sirenic range. Morten’s vocals also add to the epicness already present, especially as they sing the very poetic lyrics that are so inspired by Edgar Allen Poe. A major win for the album.
5/5 ++++

Wasteland’s Caress – A very driving and hypnotic song. The beginning adds to the atmosphere of the song and the whole instrumentation is very bombastic dark. Vibeke’s vocals sound like they are echoing through a canyon and Morten’s driving vocals are as wonderful as ever. 5/5 ++

…Postludium: A beautiful outro that leaves the listener with a sense of dread and sadness. Represents the album very well. 5/5

Vocal Performance: 5/5
Instrumental Performance: 5/5
Lyrical Performance: 5/5
Overall Feeling: 4.9/5
Total: 19.9/20 (A)
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