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Author Topic: Ann Die!!! Works ????  (Read 957 times)

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Ann Die!!! Works ????
« on: 06 May 2009, 01:36:29 »

Well I used to write but with the pass of the time that became less frequently, but a few days ago (dunno why) I find the inspiration again and I decide top put them in words.

I decide to share them with you, critics are welcome ;)

This is the last one I write its name its: Sick Laughs

If there something in this World that disgust me itís the idiot laugh of young people
But donít get me wrong, I love the laugh when its pure and without intentions and there is  not something pure as the laugh of the kids, for the kids the entire world is a toy more to play with, no matter his condition, his breed, even if his country its at war, kids always find something to have fun.
His Ignorance of adultís problems, of the world of complications where we live its what make them happy, but obvious one canít live his entire existence just ignoring all this troubles and just when we defeat that ignorance it when we start to mature (well sometimes just a little)
Sometime between 11 and 12 years old its when (there are extraordinary cases when its not like that) the human start to have conscience about his situation, at home, at their neighborhood and sometimes at their self, not too deeply but it stat to have a little conscience about this.
However with this ďlittle discoverĒ with this sneak preview to the world of troubles, at this age also start some physiological and psychological changes, we used to name this changes as adolescence.
Whit all this body and mind changes, the change in the perception of the world, of being, and all the conflicts that this generate, teenagers laugh (and boy they love to do it) but in his case there is no longer excuse his ignorance (because they know, little bit but they know) and some how teenagers start to dump all sense if being (a being conscience and thoughtful) the conscience about our actions even what we said its left away by the youth.
It will be a good thing if this sickness just attack teenagers or if it where like other sickness that attack the body just once in a life time (medical preference in the childhood) but unlucky there its not like that, its astonishing to see people older than 15 years old can laugh with such unawareness and not just laugh listen the conversations between this kind of people so empty, so futile, so out of the thoughtful kind.
And I know there are sometimes when itís so disturbing to see someone so stupid, but what could help this people? You will try to explain a world that donít even get? (You only will waste your time) you will beat them till they start to learn? What is the object of that? Human being itís the only beast that even if you beat down isnít capable of understand, why even make the effort?
In my whole life I have been meet a lot of people, usually are people older than me and in his majority woman who used to laugh of unknown things, also with frequency you can see this symptoms in 3rd age people, but in them its not just a laugh, it also came together with a prejudgment that we attribute to their manners and old school education (?).

Donít get yourself wrong the laugh I attack itís the laugh generated of ignorance and prejudgment, the only thing that this kind of laugh can encourage itís the ineptitude of people.

Iím not going to lie you, I have been laugh too by the stupidity and occurrence of some people, but I used to see beyond the actions of the people and try to see for what they are doing this kind of things, if they do it for caught our attention well they do it well, and in this case the laugh its also well received by the buffoon part.

I will never laugh of the ideology of other people (for more laughable that these are) right or wrong people have his reasons to believe in them (at least of course his ideology his entertainment or make people laugh and in this case I only will laugh of his act not of his entirely ideology)

I donít have a lot of friends, but I can tell you clearly that no one of them thing exactly like I do ( I have friends that are extremely Catholic and Homosexual friends) and although I donít share his ideology I donít make fun of them, obviously I donít want they do the same with me.

Its not the same have an own judgment about something or someone, that make this own judge became the ideology of a third one, make your own judgment and conserve them, donít try to impose them to other people, each one has to make his own road.

It seems difficult left by side the mocking laughter and the prejudgment that it own, but in practice makes habit and if you as me are sick of all the laughs, the yesteryear judgments makes us a favor and thing before laugh.

Sick Laughs
Ann Z,-•> Dīeath ģ

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