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  • 30 March 2017, 02:34:26
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Author Topic: Dreams , illusions or ...... Hallucinations  (Read 691 times)


  • "They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." E. A. Poe
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Dreams , illusions or ...... Hallucinations
« on: 24 March 2009, 13:14:15 »

His tyrant majesty

As the moons passing by My lust for life ebbing as the streams of my eyes
Fill my sorrow to the rim , let's drink the toast of the tyrant's lies
Fooled with some smiles where the hypocrisy hides
Switching the candles inside of me , Huging me to the pain of those endless days

Hand of tyranny squeezing my bearth
Pumps the poison within my veins , It paints my horizon with sins
Its unmercyful dignity staring at my eyes to reach my smiles
Leave me with my shame it's me who's gonna get the blames

Drowning within the dim
I'm lying here at the ages rim
Crowning with the thorns of shame
I'm bleeding , doubth ....... wondering if that's was just a game
Is he tampering with my dream ?

I see my shadow shaking on the wall
I hear my tears running on the soil
My eyes was painted with an eternal gloom
Is that was your fate or my doom

Leave me with my shame it's me who's gonna get the blames
Feed me to the flames , Only ashes remains

Further down

You left it within this shame
You gave it to this pain
Can't you feel the blame
Forsaken for the midwinter rain
Its days without you are the same
Crying once more , and more ones again

Within the haze there is a silent euphony
Singing with a morbid harmony
Preparing the world for this remaining agony
Injecting it with a sweet misery
Living it within the gloom to this fatal tragedy

The days are turned upside down
Once the illusions of man paint the world in pink
Now the hurtful truth make every alive under ground
Who cares if I drown or sink
Any way I am cursed or doomed
Everything beautiful died , The world's smell so sad

Leave to hide , Die to find
Love to hate , Hate love
Seek and try until the oceans dry

Dream , Drama to a fatal tragedy

A lonely heart beat
A heart knock to exit
From the shadow of a Stygian jail
From a deadlocked to the rim
Trying to resolve the unresolved mayhem
Finding a meaning to his dreams

A heart
Drown itself , Thus that his tears flowing
Crying for his memories fading
Despair burn , Faith flow , wich of death grow

I hear him yelling
Within me smothering
After many nights of doubt I'd try to stop the pain inside
I only try to help my weakness
Get me over my sickness
I found ashes and ashes
My heart was burning when he was yelling

Is this was just an illusion
From dream to drama to a fatal tragedy
Is This was just an illusion
This whole years this whole life was just a mockery

Hunter's moon
« Last Edit: 24 March 2009, 13:16:02 by demigod »
There's no skin on my tighs and walking comes hard , if I will let my self to be led as a sheep remors will disappear , but If my speech will be heard it will not be believed , and no pain will be relieved