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As you probably know, the computer game named "Tristania 3D" is currently under planning. Now our team started to create the game itself. It will be quite hard work, as Tristania 3D will have lots of extra features compared to the Wolfenstein 3D, but the easiest part have been passed. Any new information about the upcoming game will be written here, including the download site, once it's completed.
Here you can see some leaked screenshots from the game.

Umm...what's Tristania 3D's premesis? Like, what is the point of the game?

The story will be quite simple (sorry,I had to pay attention to the limited opportunities of Wolfenstein 3D). Vibeke will be kidnapped by a large,and lethal group of satanists, who want to use her voice,and finally, her soul to unleash the forces of Evil from their prison,and drive mankind into DARKNESS. I know,I know, it's another "saving-Earth-from-total-destruction" goal,but hell, this is a noble thing to do.
Your character will be Einar Moen (picture 2), and your "mission" is to rescue Vibeke, and destroy the satanits' plans about calling their hideous daemons from the "world beyond". You MUST rescue Vibeke,before it's too late...
Compared to Wolfenstein 3D, Tristania 3D will have many unique features:

- Directional sprites (such as fences)
- Textured floor & ceiling
- 200 different walltypes
- Four episodes, 40 levels (36 levels, 4 secret levels)
- New background music & new sound effects
- Switch controlled pushwalls
- A timed level: Red nightfall
- Doors opening from the middle
- The "pac-man" ghosts will be 1 shootable enemy
- Outdoor areas with starry night and rainfall
- Ingame messages,such as "You obtained the gothic gun."

So that's what we working on. I'm pretty sure it'll be ready sooner or later...

COOL! B)  :lol:

I'm glad you like it :) I won't disappoint you with the game.
It will take a lot of time to create Tristania3D (Spear - End of Destiny took 2 years for AReyeP and MCS), but it WILL be ready. The promise NEVER dies.


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